Penn State School of Graduate Professional Studies

  • SYSEN 532 — Simulation in Systems Engineering: Discrete-Time Systems (new course development)
  • SYSEN 536 — Decision Making and Risk Analysis
  • ENGMT 510 — Economics and Financial Studies for Engineers
  • ENGMT 539 — Engineering Management Strategy

Auburn University

  • INSY 3420 — Simulation
  • STAT 3600 — Probability and Statistics I


Video-based Educational Modules* and Short Courses:

  • E-Learning Modules for Discrete Event Simulation with Simio (Summer 2015)
    • Co-developed, with Dr. Jeffrey Smith, a series of videos and curricula for learning discrete event simulation with Simio as part of a funded project from Simio, LLC.  Click here to visit course website
  • Simulation Video Lab Series
  • 2-Day Short Course on Simulation Modeling and Analysis (Summer 2014)
    • Designed a two-day workshop that covers fundamentals of discrete event simulation and provides hands-on experience for students on different phases of a simulation project.


* Dr. Negahban uses Simio simulation software under a grant from Simio LLC (www.Simio.com) to The Pennsylvania State University.

2 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Muhammad Hamad Sajjad

    Dear Dr. Neghaban,
    The video series is really helpful. Thank you for sharing it.
    Can you please guide us where can we find the Lab Document.
    Thank you again

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