A Simulation Optimization Tool for Incorporating Occupancy Data in Scheduling Building Equipment


This tool includes a binary programing optimization model that incorporates actual occupancy patterns for different zones in a building as well as equipment interdependence to systematically determine the optimal activation schedule for each equipment while maintaining a minimum required service level to meet occupant needs. The model is then integrated into a simulation optimization framework, where historical or simulated occupancy data are used to determine the optimal frequency of schedule updates and the best design option for new buildings or retrofit projects.

Associated Research Article

A. Pallikere, R. Qiu, P. Delgoshaei, A. Negahban (2020). “Incorporating occupancy data in scheduling building equipment: A simulation optimization framework“, Energy and Buildings, Vol. 209, p. 109655.

Code & Sample Data

All codes and a sample data set are provided in a Mendeley Data repository: https://doi.org/10.17632/63pc653jgg.1