Lab 7 – Entity Routing in Simio


In this lab, we will discuss different types of routing logic and how to implement them in Simio. More specifically, we will consider using the Selection Weight property to support probabilistic, conditional, and compound (i.e., probabilistic and conditional) routing. We show how to use Node Lists to implement dynamic routing logic in Simio. We will also revisit Simio Sequence Table to implement routing sequences for different entity types. And finally, we will discuss entity Free-space travel. We will develop four models based on the operation of an airport check-in and security checkpoint processes. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Probabilistic, conditional, and compound expressions for the Selection Weight property on links
  2. Using a Node List to implement different dynamic routing decisions
  3. Routing using a separate sequence table for each entity type
  4. Defining a data table and a single related sequence table for all entity types

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Probabilistic, Conditional, and Compound Expressions for Routing with Selection Weight

Topics covered in this video:
– Probabilistic routing using selection weights
– Conditional routing using selection weights
– Compound (probabilistic and conditional) routing using selection weights

Video 2: Dynamic Routing Using Node Lists

Topics covered in this video:
– Defining a node list
– Dynamic routing: PreferredOrder
– Dynamic routing: AssociatedStationOverload
– Dynamic routing: AssociatedStation.Contents

Video 3: Routing with Sequences, Related Sequence and Data Tables, Free Space Travel

Topics covered in this video:
– Routing using sequences for different entity types
– Routing using a single sequence table related to a data table
– Free space travel

Video 4: Assignments

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