FMEA-AHP Decision Support Tool



Motivated by a real-world material handling system selection problem, we [1] propose a framework that allows for quantifying safety and risk and incorporating these considerations in multi-criteria decision-making processes that involve both quantitative and qualitative measures. In the proposed framework, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) results for an alternative are converted into a quantitative measure of total risk associated with that alternative. A modified Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) that distinguishes between subjective and objective measures is then used to compare the different alternatives. In this modified AHP, experts’ judgments are used for pairwise comparison alternatives with respect to qualitative measures, while for quantitative criteria, measured or estimated performance is directly used to obtain the required pairwise comparisons. The proposed framework is implemented as an Excel-based decision support tool that is made available online for free to facilitate adoption by practitioners and researchers. In the accompanying paper, an application based on a real-world project in an injection molding facility is presented.

How to cite the tool:

W. Hellmann, D. Marino, M. Megahed, M. Suggs, J. Borowski and A. Negahban, 2018.   “Human, AGV or AIV? An integrated framework for material handling system selection with real-world application in an injection molding facility”, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Accepted (in press):

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Download the Tool

The following zip folder contains a blank version and a populated version of the tool.  The populated version corresponds to the case study from the journal article.

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