Lab 4 – States, Properties, Simio Processes, Add-On Processes


In this lab we will revisit the Simio model of the Subway® restaurant that was developed in Lab 2 and use Simio Add-On Processes to extend our original model to include customer balking. We will also discuss an alternative method using add-on processes to implement type-dependent processing times. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Understanding how Simio processes work
  2. Implementing the balking logic using add-on processes
  3. Implementing type-dependent processing times on the oven using add-on processes
  4. Using State Assignments to change object states
  5. Defining “Responses” for the performance metrics

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Introduction to Object States and Properties, Simio Processes, Add-On Processes

Topics covered in this video:
– “Properties” VS. “States”
– Simio built-in processes
– Introduction to Add-on processes

Video 2: Type-Dependent Processing Time, Change Entity Symbol, Verification

Topics covered in this video:
– Multiple entity types (using a single Source object and ModelEntity state)
– Type-dependent processing time (using Add-on processes)
– Defining new “States” for ModelEntity
– Verification using animation, breakpoints, and step mode
– Verification using a verified simulation model
– Changing entity symbol using add-on processes

Video 3: Balking, State Assignments, Type-Based Performance Metrics, Conditional Routing

Topics covered in this video:
– Implement balking logic (using add-on processes)
– Changing entity symbol using State Assignments
– Verification using animation, breakpoints, and step mode
– Type-based time in system statistics using multiple Sink objects
– Conditional routing using Selection Weight
– Duplicate an experiment
– User-defined Responses

Video 4: Assignments

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