ADD-MORE Tool: Visualize Time-Varying Simulation Outputs


Automated Dynamic Display of Measures of Risk and Error (ADD-MORE) is a tool that is designed to facilitate simulation output visualization and analysis. The ADD-MORE Excel Add-Inn automates the evaluation and visualization of measures of risk and error (MORE) for performance measures that change over time. The tool takes raw simulation output, automatically calculates the pertinent MORE values, and generates side-by-side MORE plots for different time ticks according to a user-specified interval to characterize how the mean and percentiles of a time-dependent statistic and their corresponding confidence intervals change over time.

Download the ADD-MORE Excel Add-In

How to cite ADD-MORE (click to view the paper):
A. Negahban, M. Ansari, J.S. Smith. “ADD-MORE: Automated Dynamic Display of Measures of Risk and Error,” Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference.

A Tutorial on the ADD-MORE Tool

This video reviews the basic concepts related to measures of risk and error in simulation modeling and analysis. It then presents a demo/tutorial for using the ADD-MORE Excel add-in for decision-making.