Lab 1 – Single-Server Model in Simio


This lab involves building a Simio model of a hot-dog shop. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Building the initial model in Simio
  2. Developing an initial experiment
  3. Verifying the model
  4. Adding customized animation features

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Objectives, Simio User-Interface, Initial Model

Topics covered in this video:
– Simio user-interface
– Simio learning resources (SimBits, Examples, Forums, etc.)
– Standard library
– Single-server model in Simio
– Connectors, Paths, Time Paths

Video 2: Model Parameters, Simio Pivot Grid, Experiments

Topics covered in this video:
– Simio Expression Builder for typing in model parameters
– Units (Time, Length, Area, etc.)
– Drawn To Scale and Logical Length for Path Objects
– ModelEntity Initial Speed property
– Interactive run configurations (start and ending time)
– Simio Pivot Grid/Table and its components
– Interactive run and random seed number
– Creating a new experiment
– Filtering options in Pivot Grid

Video 3: Model Verification, Animation (Symbols and Google 3D Warehouse)

Topics covered in this video:
– Simulation verification using queueing analysis
– Warm-up period
– Animation (Simio symbols, random symbol for model entities, Google 3D Warehouse)

Video 4: Assignments

Click here to go to Lab 2

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