Lab 3 – Queueing Networks


This lab involves solving a queueing network problem by hand and in Excel. We will also use the Excel queueing model to perform what-if analysis. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Understanding the basics of queueing analysis
  2. Solving the queueing network by hand
  3. Using the Excel model of the queueing network to perform what-if analysis (we will use Excel’s Data Table to accomplish this task)
  4. Developing a Simio model of the queueing system to verify our “solution” calculated by hand

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Introduction to Queueing Systems, Problem Description

Topics covered in this video:
– Introduction to queueing systems (components, notations, formulas, etc.)
– Approximation queueing models
– Typical performance metrics in queueing analysis
– Jackson Network and it’s assumptions

Video 2: Solving Queueing Network, Feedback Loop

Topics covered in this video:
– Solving M/M/1 and M/M/c queueing models
– Re-entrant flow and effective arrival rate

Video 3: M/M/c Calculations, Little’s Law, What-If Analysis Using Excel

Topics covered in this video:
– Number in system
– Time in system and Little’s Law
– Solving queueing networks in Excel
– What-if analysis using Excel’s Data Table
– Simulation to verify queueing calculations

Video 4: Assignments

Click here to go to Lab 4

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