Lab 5 – Simio Referenced Properties and Experiment Controls


In this lab we will revisit the Simio model of the Subway® restaurant that was developed in Labs 2 and 4 and learn how to use Referenced Properties to facilitate comparison of multiple system configurations (scenarios) using a single Experiment. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Defining Referenced Properties (two methods)
  2. Using Controls to define different scenarios for an experiment
  3. Simultaneous comparison of scenarios using the resulting side-by-side SMORE plots

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Objectives, Problem Statement, Initial Simio Model

Topics covered in this video:
– Why we need Simio Referenced Properties?

Video 2: Simio Referenced Properties, Experiment Controls

Topics covered in this video:
– What is a referenced property?
– How to create a new referenced property for an object property?
– How to set a referenced property to appear as a control in the experiment?
– Define multiple scenarios in one experiment

Video 3: Side-by-Side SMORE Plots, Referenced Properties for Expressions

Topics covered in this video:
– Interpret side-by-side SMORE plots
– Expressions as referenced properties
– Create a referenced property directly from the “Definitions” tab

Video 4: Assignments

Click here to go to Lab 6

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