Lab 6 – Animation, Simio Tables, Bind to External Data Sources


In this lab we will discuss some of the basic animation features in Simio using a simple single-server model developed in the first module of the video lab series. We will also discuss Simio Data Table, Sequence Table, Rate Table, Work Schedules, and Arrival Table in the context of the Subway® restaurant example that we have seen in previous labs. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Basic Simio animation features
  2. Creating related tables (a Data Table and a Sequence Table) to handle different routings and type-dependent processing times
  3. Using a Rate Table to implement a non-stationary (time-varying) arrival process
  4. Using Work Schedules to change the capacity of servers during the simulation run
  5. Using an Arrival Table to specify customer arrival times to simulate a given arrival scenario
  6. Binding Simio tables to external data sources, namely CSV and Excel files

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: Simio Animation, Animated People, Animating Queue States

Topics covered in this video:
– Basics of Simio animation
– ModelEntity.Animation state to change animated people
– Animating queues and processing stations of servers

Video 2: Simio Tables, Data Table, Sequence Table

Topics covered in this video:
– Related tables (set Key and use Foreign Key to relate tables)
– Data Table
– Sequence Table
– Multiple entity types with different routing sequences and type-dependent processing time

Video 3: Simio Rate Table, Work Schedules, Arrival Table

Topics covered in this video:
– Rate table to model non-stationary arrival processes
– Work schedules to change server capacity during the simulation run
– Arrival table to model a specific arrival scenario

Video 4: Assignments

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