Lab 8 – User-defined Statistics (Tally, State, and Output Statistics in Simio)


In this lab, we learn how to use user-defined statistics (Tally, State, and Output statistics) to evaluate performance metrics that are not built-in in Simio. The videos will guide you through:

  1. Understanding different types of performance measures (Observational Time-persistent)
  2. Learning how to code user-defined Tally, State, and Output statistics in Simio

Related Lab Files:


Video 1: User-defined Statistics, Observational vs. Time-dependent Performance Metrics

Topics covered in this video:
– What are user-defined statistics and why are they important?
– Introduction to tally and time-persistent performance metrics
– Problem description and performance metrics of interest

Video 2: Tally Statistics, State Statistics, Add-on Processes, State Assignments

Topics covered in this video:
– A state statistic for the overall number in system for all part types
– Duration of time spent in a subsystem using a tally statistic
– ModelEntity states
– Model states
– State assignments
– Add-On processes

Video 3: Output Statistics, State Statistics (cont’d)

Topics covered in this video:
– Using a State Statistic for the number of a particular entity type in a queue
– Output statistic for the total loss evaluated at the end of the run
– ModelEntity states
– Model states
– Add-On processes

Video 4: Assignments

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