HistoRIA Tool: Identify Non-Stationary Arrival Processes


The Histograms and Rates for Input Analysis (HistoRIA) is a tool that is designed and developed to facilitate identification and modeling non-stationary arrival processes. The HistoRIA tool enables us to analyze the time-interval data by dividing the data into different time blocks. More specifically, it allows us to perform data collection, assess the IID (Identically and Independently Distributed) assumptions, and hypothesize the underlying distribution of data in each time block. The tool generates a HistoRIA plot of the data that allows the user to visually analyze the data and identify IID intervals. By automating the IID assessment process, the tool significantly reduces the burden of performing extensive trial and error attempts and thus facilitates modeling any non-stationary process.

Download the VBA-based HistoRIA Tool

How to Cite HistoRIA:
Ansari, M., Negahban, A., Megahed, F.M., Smith, J.S., 2014. “HistoRIA: A new tool for simulation input analysis”. Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference.

A Tutorial on the HistoRIA Tool

The video provides a brief introduction to non-stationary arrival processes. The video also provides a tutorial on how to use the HistoRIA tool and interpret the HistoRIA plot generated by the tool.

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