Simulation Video Lab Series



This 8-part video-based simulation laboratory series was developed for the lab portion of the INSY 3420 – Simulation course at Auburn University and was completed in April 2015. Each lab consists of 4 videos including an Introduction video that provides the objectives of the lab and an Assignments video at the end.

The lab series is designed for users who know discrete event simulation and want to learn the Simio Simulation Software package. Instructors can also use the whole series as a substitute for lab sessions or individual labs as homework assignments in their simulation course.

The complete lab series is provided here (click to go to Lab 1) and is also available on my YouTube Channel.

Video 0: General Introduction into the Simulation Video Lab Series

4 thoughts on “Simulation Video Lab Series

  1. Ann

    Hi Ashkan!
    I am a full time professor working at the UNAM-Mexico, but temporal coworker of the Aviation Academy in HvA-Amsterdam. I have done continuous simulation in air pollution for a long time but now I am using Simio in a completely new application for me. This lab-series is great! Congrats. Ann

  2. Shelley Zheng

    Hi Ashkan! This is Shelley from Penn State Industrial Engineering. My current company is purchasing Simio’s license and my manager asked me to build a model with it. There’re not many resources online but this one is really great! It’s definitely a crash course for beginner and I’d like to connect with you for future projects within simulation field. Thanks! -Shelley

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